The MadHouse
May 22
Michael Panzeca
May 23 - May 24
Drunken Spelling Bee
May 27 - June 24
Jessimae Peluso
May 30 - May 31
Samantha Ruddy
June 06 - June 07
Comedy Key West Charity Night for the May Sands Montessori School
June 08
Mike Stanley
June 13 - June 14
Rauce Padgett
June 20 - June 21

Upcoming Shows

Drunk Spelling Bees at Mary Ellen's Bar

Every other Monday night at Mary Ellen's Bar on Appelrouth Lane, Comedy Key West hosts a Drunken Spelling Bee (first Monday of every month).

Signups are at 9 pm and the show starts soon after.

Every participant gets a free drink if they make it past the first round. Come for the grilled cheese and amazing bartenders, stay for the laughs (or the attempt thereof).