The Greg Wilson

Thu, Apr 30, 2020
Fri, May 1, 2020

The Greg Wilson

The Greg Wilson began as just another Greg Wilson from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Using his uber-keen observation skills and a loud mouth, Wilson cut a wide, dangerous path to the bright lights of Broadway, television, and film. His determined willingness as a comedian and actor to go against the grain, ignore the status quo, and shock the audience has been the hallmark of a career on the edge and a reputation that has to be referred to as “The.”

Wilson blew into New York City like a hurricane, changing the stand up scene forever. While others were telling Seinfeld inspired jokes, Wilson took audiences on a wild ride of gut-level observations, outlandish characters, and lightning fast improvisations. A comedy cocktail often described as Sam Kinison, Red Foxx, and John Belushi all rolled into one. Wilson's unrelenting antics electrified audiences, galvanized comedians, and frightened club managers.

Driven by the comedy mayhem that is Wilson's hallmark, he created an over-the-top carnival of comedy that combined his passion for the outrageous and the intense audience interaction Wilson perfected as a member of Ad-Libs: The Comedy Madhouse.

At the same time, Wilson set a record headlining the Laugh Factory in Times Square 40 weeks in a row in 2005.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Showtime immediately snapped him up for an appearance on their new stand up series Whiteboyz in the Hood, a performance that would garner the series’ only standing ovation. This was closely followed by a featured appearance in NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and two appearances on the syndicated hit Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen. Wilson crushed so hard, Allen offered Wilson a writing job on the show and a third appearance. Wilson graciously accepted.

Most recently, Wilson guest starred in an episode of the new NBC series Life and ABC’s Ugly Betty.

In early 2009, Wilson was tapped to write and star in a series of scenes for the National Lampoon movie Endless Bummer. He also completed a commissioned screenplay for National Lampoon, Jersey Devil. Heralded by Stuff magazine and the New York Post as the most exciting voice in stand up comedy today, Wilson continues to break the rules, reinvent his craft, and leave audiences laughing in pain.